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Social Impact Collaboratives

Social Impact Consulting


Utilizing our deep expertise, relationships in the healthcare ecosystem and lived experience with the SUD care navigation system, we enable organizations across their life cycle with our tailored approach. We help clients to maximize social impact and performance by deciding where to focus and how to win. We help you:

SUD Publication
models for nascent ideas

We utilize our deep expertise to help both for-profit and non-profit organizations with promising SUD solutions to develop, implement and scale these solutions. We engage with clients on strategic planning, implementation, assessment and communicating social impact for SUD specific programs. In partnership with accelerators, we identify promising startups and bring to market SUD solutions that will have measurable, and meaningful impact. Learn more

existing models and operations

Our team is passionate about driving long-term, sustainable change in the addiction space by enabling clients to evaluate processes for improvements. Our unique tools and methodologies help clients to streamline processes and optimize workflow, ultimately increasing productivity and social impact.

industry trends and insights

At FQA Institute for Social Impact, our team of experienced researchers and analysts specialize in industry trends, market evaluation, technology landscape, regulatory and policy analysis, and other critical areas of substance use disorders. We use a combination of advanced data analytics, industry expertise, and cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive reports that are helpful for broader awareness on addiction crisis.


We bring extensive knowledge of the US healthcare system, with a team of healthcare leaders from the payer and provider space. We are specifically passionate about creating long-term, sustainable change in addiction, based on personal experience (learn more about “Our Why” on main page) and our broader understanding of addiction ecosystem (see our Detailed Addiction Overview). 

We were created by leaders at healthcare consulting firm and pride ourselves on our strong strategy and performance skills. We have experience working with organizations creating positive impact in solving addiction crisis in US.


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