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Addiction Resources

Recovery is possible with awareness, screening and treatment. Below, we've gathered resources to learn more about addiction. Note, this page is not intended to serve as medical guidance or endorsement of any organizations, but rather a compilation of resources that may be helpful.

Detailed Addiction Overview

This Detailed Addiction Overview covers key metrics and trends related to substance use disorder (SUD) prevalence, challenges that individuals and families face along the journey, and ways that various ecosystem players engage with and support people with SUD. We created this resource because while we have personal experience with SUD, we wanted to root our understanding in evidence-based research as an input ot our Social Impact work. We are sharing this resource in hopes that it helps other who want to learn more.

Finding Treatment

Helping Hands

Through helplines, educational resources, support groups, and financial assistance, non-profit organizations provide a lifeline of hope to those who use substances and those seeking treatment and recovery.

  • Addiction Policy Forum: Addiction Policy Forum provides a comprehensive suite of programs, encompassing crisis services for patients and caregivers, anti-stigma initiatives, and evidence-based practice projects that offer training and resources to practitioners.

  • Faces and Voices of Recovery: Faces and Voices provides various services, including supporting recovery community organizations (RCOs), offering accreditation through a council, providing peer-run training and technical assistance, and offering the recovery data platform to support the implementation of peer recovery coaching programs.

  • The Kennedy Forum: The Kennedy Forum is an advocacy organization working towards systemic reform in the U.S. healthcare system, with a specific focus on advancing evidence-based practices, policies, and programs for preventing and treating mental health and substance use disorders. 

  • Partnership to End Addiction: Partnership to end Addiction develops evidence-based tools, offers confidential family support, raises awareness through media, and advocates for policy changes to improve addiction prevention and treatment. 

  • Next Distro: This platform offers online support for people who use drugs, including mail-based distribution of harm reduction supplies, as well as online training for opioid overdose response and the mailing of naloxone kits.

  • North America Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN): NASEN offers a publicly accessible directory that includes Syringe Services Programs (SSPs).

  • Recovery Alliance: Recovery Alliance provides services such as harm reduction guidance, overdose prevention with naloxone distribution, treatment referrals, testing with care linkage, and safer sex supplies.

  • Shatterproof: Shatterproof offers educational resources to combat stigma and raise awareness, manages the Atlas tool for finding quality treatment, and advocates for policy reforms in payment, professional training, and addressing opioid litigation settlements.

Federal Agencies

Federal agencies play a crucial role, by raising awareness, providing expertise, and investing funds in innovative solutions that support those in need.

Support Group Circle

Additional Resources

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