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Impact Stories

At FQA Institute for Social Impact, we've had the opportunity to support many organizations who are working to address the addiction crisis​. 

Recording Time

Reporting on Addiction

Reporting on Addiction is on a mission to improve the portrayal of addiction in the news and reduce stigma and discrimination towards people with this chronic, treatable disease. In late 2022, they decided to step back, obtain more feedback from the community, and prioritize plans for the future through the development of a strategic plan, with the support of FQA Institute for Social Impact. Learn more about our work with Reporting on Addiction.


The Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago (PHIMC) is committed to advancing health justice and strengthening public health through innovation and partnerships. They engaged FQA Institute for Social Impact to perform a landscape analysis to inform the design of a new program, as part of a statewide initiative which expands substance use prevention services for adolescents through partnerships with existing youth programming across Chicago. Learn more about our work with PHIMC.

Classroom Lecture

James Lones, Program Manager at PHIMC

“FQA Institute not only provided excellent service, but they were very intentional with each step of the project. Providing a high level end product that was crucial in informing the next steps for the RSUPIC program. The staff was friendly and offered great insight throughout the entire process. I enjoyed how effortless it was to collaborate and move the project forward. FQA’s guidance and assistance was elite, I would love to work the team again!”

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